Closing the gap in knee and hip replacement surgeries

  • Distribution of tension along the length of the wound
  • Faster wound closure with less material required1
  • Increased OR efficiency1
  • Ease-of-use for two surgeons closing together

Orthopedic Surgery

May Significantly Speed Closure Times

The QuillTM device demonstrated significant reductions in closure times vs traditional sutures6,7.

* p=0.006



  • Achieved 40% reduction in closure times versus traditional sutures6,7.
  • Eliminates tedious, time-consuming knot tying with its unique barbed design.

Secures Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

In dynamic testing the QuillTM device has been shown to be as strong as interrupted closure and more resistant to failure when disrupted3.

QuillTM significantly more resitant to failure when cut (P<.003)

  • Study disproves hypothesis of increased QuillTM susceptibility to failure when disrupted versus traditional interrupted suture3.
  • 100% of the traditional interrupted sutures failed at cut 3 vs 25% for the QuillTM device3.

Published Papers in Orthopedic Surgery

Over 3,200 patients have been studied in >80 clinical studies in orthopedic, plastic, gynecologic & urologic surgery with the QuillTM device. Published papers in the field of orthopedic surgery can be found below.

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